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As a writer, I want my readers to have access to personal transformation through my characters and through the situations I create. Writing is my opportunity to demonstrate pathways for characters and readers to find their way. Stories transport and transform. Please explore my writing portfolio.



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Carry On Our Dreams
Launches April 25, 2023



The final chapter in the Reid family saga is available to readers on Amazon!

Socialites and Suffragists Book 3

Facing family drama and social upheaval, can a young woman find love and independence in the turbulent dawn of 1960s Philadelphia?

Prepare for another great family drama with political intrigue and historical events in 1960s Philadelphia. Ruth's granddaughter, Kate, takes center stage as she navigates family turmoil, her own heart, and the fast-paced changes of politics in the city and nation. Her family - mother Helen, grandmother Ruth, great Aunt Maurine, and other characters from the series are there to support her. Will she heed their advice? Will they heed hers? Come and find out!

New! Audio Clips from Books 1 and 2 in the Series and Sale!!

Listen to audio clips of No Time For Regrets and Finding Her Happiness. Click on the Audio Boxes in the Book Sections below. ​​

Books 1 and 2 on sale - 99cents!!
3 days onlyApril 26-28

White Structure



Presale is available now! 

Live launch is April 25, 2023

The saga of the Reid Family continues at the dawn of the 1960s. Ruth’s granddaughter, Kate, is a college student facing women's liberation and the turmoil of civil rights. Her mother, Helen, has a vision for Kate to follow in her debutante footsteps and to live a socially approved life. But
Kate would rather be a trailblazer like Ruth. Pursuing her dream of being a writer, she immerses herself in the provocative world of journalism, and finds herself with one foot in the world of debutants, and the other covering stories of racial upheaval in the city.

Navigating love is challenging for both Kate and Ruth, as they each want love, but aren't sure they can trust their hearts. Old wounds resurface when enemies from the past attempt to expose Ruth’s family and ruin Kate, derailing everyone’s hopes and dreams.

This culmination of the Socialites and Suffragists series continues the family saga with new drama, old relationships, and diving into new political and social realities. This page-turning drama will leave you wondering if secrets can be kept, if love will triumph, and whether the Reid family can learn to navigate the fast-changing 1960s and stay united.

Stevenson_COOD_ebook format_Book3.jpg


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes." Proust

I’ve put together a selection of my latest pieces. Read through the descriptions and samples. There are links to posts and purchase options. Thanks for taking a look and letting me share my work with you.



First Book Launch - March 23, 2021
Second Book Launch - February 14, 2022

Third Book Launch - April 25, 2023

The right for women to vote did not come easily. Ruth Reid was a trailblazer who took a risk to live life on her terms. The 19th Amendment put into motion a host of changes for women and their families and the Reids were no exception. Love, family, and politics span the generations of these women who matter.

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NTFR Ch3 part 1No Time For Regrets
00:00 / 08:10

Play the recording to hear a reading from No Time For Regrets

A romantic tale of a woman coming of age as a suffragist in the cradle of democracy.

Ruth Reid embarks on a quest to matter in the world of 1917. She longs for status and privilege to take her out of her working-class family and into the world of socialites on Philadelphia’s Main Line. She’s determined to work in an office and marry a professional man of means. The suffragist movement is a pivotal detour on her journey. The suffragists are saying what she believes - women deserve to be heard and the right to vote is a powerful voice. Can she be a modern suffragist while chasing her dream of being a woman of status? She is not deterred by failed loves, and when a chance meeting puts Alex in her midst, she is sure he is the one. Their love affair is everything a woman would want. He adores her spirit and she fulfills her dream of living on the Main Line. But his prominent political trajectory cannot include Ruth on his arm. Their clandestine love requires Ruth to trade public happiness for private ecstasy. Everything comes to a head as the 19th Amendment is ratified and women finally have the right to vote. She makes the hardest decisions of her young life when she discovers it is her own voice that is the most powerful of all.

Stevenson_ebook format_72dpi.jpg


FHH Ch3 part 1Finding Her Happiness
00:00 / 01:29

Play the audio clip to hear an excerpt reading from Finding Her fHappiness

Set in 1920s Philadelphia, Ruth joins the campaign for the proposed Equal Rights Amendment. But managing her quest for love and happiness is more daunting than the politics of rights for women. The Reid clan is embroiled in a swirling series of events with a dramatic conclusion with a new twist on love and happiness.


"All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know."

Ernest Hemmingway


My Professional Journey


I write about my nomadic travels in my 25 foot Flying Cloud Airstream. I've been living and traveling on the road for three years. I love staying at Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds and even camp hosted at one.

Everywhere I go is actually a "coming to." I don’t know what I’ll find. I don’t know who I’ll meet - maybe no one I’ll remember. I don’t know what I will experience - but I always remember. The way I feel about a place is what I remember. I experience a place in a way that maybe others don’t. I smell, I touch, but most of all I feel. The fireflies in Wisconsin make me feel mystical. The rain in Seattle makes me feel contemplative. The bright sunshine in the midwest makes me nostalgic. The waves on the beach make me feel fearless. The bayous of the south make me afraid. The mountains make me feel insignificant in scale but a part of the earth in being there. These feelings are why I come.


You can find links to all my travel writings, interviews, and other writing below and at Coast 2 Coast dot blog




My portfolio page:

I write articles about my travels in my RV. 


MEDIUM is a place where anyone can write, but not everyone is read. It is an interesting experiment of a curated commons approach to the tradition of the public square. I write about my nomadic life and sometimes throw in a piece about politics. I did several pieces on a tour of civil rights sites in the south traveling in my Airstream. I also wrote about living on the road in the pandemic. Here is a direct link to my Medium page. 


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